Visiting Burlington Ontario


Due to its close proximity to both Toronto and Hamilton, the city of Burlington has been looked at by some as an area where people who commute for work can make their houses in a less expensive, less busy part of Ontario. Burlington’s prime transportation network does at first blush seem to uphold this title; it is incredibly easy to commute from Burlington to any one of several other more industrial cities around it. And you surely will find a lot of people who do commute to a job in Toronto or Hamilton from Burlington.

But to label Burlington as simply a bedroom community is to overlook several major facts regarding the evolution of the city. Most telling, maybe, is the growth of Burlington over the past decade. It is one of Canada’s fastest growing areas, with significant numbers of immigrants and young families locating to the upper middle class city which now numbers over 164, 000 residents.

The transportation infrastructure and the proximity of Burlington to major centres have indeed contributed to its growth, but not as solely a living area for workers there. In any city with a high population there is required to be those who take advantage of the contract and establish their own ventures there. Burlington has become a kind of hot spot for young people and innovative.

Crazy Things About Burlington Ontario

There are many options for services in Burlington. There are excellent movers in Burlington such as Peci Moving to get you set up quickly and safely, for starters. Public transit is first-rate and very accessible. The GO Train (provincial train service) connects for very quick access from Burlington to downtown Toronto and all areas in-between. Many people from other areas come to Burlington for great shopping with two large malls we already mentioned plus many open air malls with a multitude of stores and restaurants. You have a good number of major and small chain grocery stores to choose from. Canada Post has full service in Burlington with many locations as do UPS and Fedex. We already talked about the readily available health services here. For entertainment you have the Burlington Arts Centre, SilverCity Burlington Cinemas, number of bowling alleys, hockey rinks, and a wide variety of restaurants and pubs.

There is much more to say about moving to and living in Burlington. However, it isn’t possible to mention every single service and aspect of Burlington in a single article. Why not visit Burlington and check it out for yourself? We are sure you’ll love this city and see it as one of the major destinations in southern Ontario.

The fact that Burlington is enviably located on in one of the more prosperous areas in the entire country (known as the Golden Horseshoe) means that it’s a prime location for many diverse businesses.