Prepare Your Dog for a New Baby in the House

The arrival of a new baby means lots of changes in a home: baby proofing to prevent danger, adapting to new schedules for feeding, accepting the fact that you will be getting very little sleep over the next few months, etc.

However, one area people often forget is their pets. If you don’t already have kids, your dog may essentially already have assumed that role in your life. A baby requires a great deal of your attention, so animals can have a hard time understanding why you are suddenly paying less attention to them.

Here are some steps you can take to help your furry friends adapt to this major household change.

Early Training

A few months before the big day, start to train your dog to be calm. A playful dog may seem very frightening at first to a toddler, so you need to be able to shut that down with a command. A dog trainer can assist you.

Start Limiting Your Time With the Dog

It may sound cruel, but if you start spending less time with the dog a few weeks in advance, they will be more used to this when the baby comes along. This makes for a smoother transition.

Start Changing Your Dog’s Routine

As with the previous step, this helps to make the arrival of the baby less of an issue because the dog is less likely to associate the child with change. Get the dog used to sleeping in a different part of the house, and alter both feeding and walking times.

Prepare for When You Will Be Absent

Chances are you will not be home very much when the baby is first born, so this is a good time to introduce your pet to a sitter or friend who will fill in during your absence.

In closing, here is an adorable compilation of babies interacting with pets: