Choosing the Right Lighting Solution

Whether you own a warehouse, a parking lot, or another area that requires highbay lighting, choosing the right kind can make a major difference.

On the safety side, you should always go with LED. It offers more effective light distribution so that, even if you are using the same number of bulbs as before, the LED alternative will provide with noticeably better illumination.

This form of lighting is also extremely reliable, and that means you won’t have bulbs burning out on a regular basis. That guarantees people using the area will be able to clearly see what they are doing at all times. It also helps to eliminate shadowy areas where potential dangers could lurk. This makes parking lots safe from predators hiding in the darkness and waiting to prey upon potential victims.

On the cost side, LED also makes perfect sense. These bulbs last much longer than previous forms of illumination. That means far less spent on the materials, not to mention the labor of having workers going up and replacing dead bulbs. The cost of this was previously such a problem for some companies that they would wait until so many bulbs were gone, it just could not be put off any longer. With LED, this will never be an issue and your factory will always look brightly illuminated and professionally maintained.

If you are ready to invest in highbay LED lighting solutions, many companies consult Tradeforce for industrial energy saving projects. These professionals have been in this business for many years and will study your facility and/or lot to determine which lighting package would best suit your immediate needs. They will also work with you to calculate your costs vs savings ratio. In pretty much every case, LED allows you to come out ahead and make back your investment very quickly.