Choosing the Right Lighting Solution


Whether you own a warehouse, a parking lot, or another area that requires highbay lighting, choosing the right kind can make a major difference.

On the safety side, you should always go with LED. It offers more effective light distribution so that, even if you are using the same number of bulbs as before, the LED alternative will provide with noticeably better illumination.

This form of lighting is also extremely reliable, and that means you won’t have bulbs burning out on a regular basis. That guarantees people using the area will be able to clearly see what they are doing at all times. It also helps to eliminate shadowy areas where potential dangers could lurk. This makes parking lots safe from predators hiding in the darkness and waiting to prey upon potential victims.

On the cost side, LED also makes perfect sense. These bulbs last much longer than previous forms of illumination. That means far less spent on the materials, not to mention the labor of having workers going up and replacing dead bulbs. The cost of this was previously such a problem for some companies that they would wait until so many bulbs were gone, it just could not be put off any longer. With LED, this will never be an issue and your factory will always look brightly illuminated and professionally maintained.

If you are ready to invest in highbay LED lighting solutions, many companies consult Tradeforce for industrial energy saving projects. These professionals have been in this business for many years and will study your facility and/or lot to determine which lighting package would best suit your immediate needs. They will also work with you to calculate your costs vs savings ratio. In pretty much every case, LED allows you to come out ahead and make back your investment very quickly.

Prepare Your Dog for a New Baby in the House

The arrival of a new baby means lots of changes in a home: baby proofing to prevent danger, adapting to new schedules for feeding, accepting the fact that you will be getting very little sleep over the next few months, etc.

However, one area people often forget is their pets. If you don’t already have kids, your dog may essentially already have assumed that role in your life. A baby requires a great deal of your attention, so animals can have a hard time understanding why you are suddenly paying less attention to them.

Here are some steps you can take to help your furry friends adapt to this major household change.

Early Training

A few months before the big day, start to train your dog to be calm. A playful dog may seem very frightening at first to a toddler, so you need to be able to shut that down with a command. A dog trainer can assist you.

Start Limiting Your Time With the Dog

It may sound cruel, but if you start spending less time with the dog a few weeks in advance, they will be more used to this when the baby comes along. This makes for a smoother transition.

Start Changing Your Dog’s Routine

As with the previous step, this helps to make the arrival of the baby less of an issue because the dog is less likely to associate the child with change. Get the dog used to sleeping in a different part of the house, and alter both feeding and walking times.

Prepare for When You Will Be Absent

Chances are you will not be home very much when the baby is first born, so this is a good time to introduce your pet to a sitter or friend who will fill in during your absence.

In closing, here is an adorable compilation of babies interacting with pets:

Is Facebook Leaving You Feeling Depressed?

Social media has dramatically changed the way we communicate and allowed us to keep in instant touch with an army of “friends” all over the globe. It also drawn much criticism for being a useless time waster, a great vehicle to rapidly disseminate misinformation, and a hindrance to constructive conversation. Former Facebook executive Chamath Palihapitiya slammed the company in no uncertain terms, stating, “The short-term, dopamine-driven feedback loops that we have created are destroying how society works. No civil discourse, no cooperation, misinformation, mistruth.” He later softened his stance (in a Facebook post, oddly enough), but the damage was done.

The company recently announced a series of changes to the site designed to reduce potential mental health concerns that could be experienced by frequent users, including an option called Snooze. It allows users to hide a person or group from their feed for 30 days without blocking them. Another called Take a Break hides an ex’s posts on the site.

So far, Mark Zuckerberg and company have avoided the most obvious point in their defense: use the site in moderation. Like anything, Facebook becomes a problem if you use it incorrectly or in excess.

Of course, no one there is about to tell anyone to lessen their time on the site. In response to claims that heavy Facebook use can result in issues like depression and negative social comparison, it argued that using the site more was a way to mitigate them. Their stance is that such problems are caused by too much passive consumption of information, while participating more through active engagement is an effective defense.

While we have no doubt that Facebook brings people together and has changed some lives for the better, the addictive nature of the site (which is very much by design) will continue to be an issue until there is a change of thinking at the very top of the company.

Visiting Burlington Ontario


Due to its close proximity to both Toronto and Hamilton, the city of Burlington has been looked at by some as an area where people who commute for work can make their houses in a less expensive, less busy part of Ontario. Burlington’s prime transportation network does at first blush seem to uphold this title; it is incredibly easy to commute from Burlington to any one of several other more industrial cities around it. And you surely will find a lot of people who do commute to a job in Toronto or Hamilton from Burlington.

But to label Burlington as simply a bedroom community is to overlook several major facts regarding the evolution of the city. Most telling, maybe, is the growth of Burlington over the past decade. It is one of Canada’s fastest growing areas, with significant numbers of immigrants and young families locating to the upper middle class city which now numbers over 164, 000 residents.

The transportation infrastructure and the proximity of Burlington to major centres have indeed contributed to its growth, but not as solely a living area for workers there. In any city with a high population there is required to be those who take advantage of the contract and establish their own ventures there. Burlington has become a kind of hot spot for young people and innovative.

Crazy Things About Burlington Ontario

There are many options for services in Burlington. There are excellent movers in Burlington such as Peci Moving to get you set up quickly and safely, for starters. Public transit is first-rate and very accessible. The GO Train (provincial train service) connects for very quick access from Burlington to downtown Toronto and all areas in-between. Many people from other areas come to Burlington for great shopping with two large malls we already mentioned plus many open air malls with a multitude of stores and restaurants. You have a good number of major and small chain grocery stores to choose from. Canada Post has full service in Burlington with many locations as do UPS and Fedex. We already talked about the readily available health services here. For entertainment you have the Burlington Arts Centre, SilverCity Burlington Cinemas, number of bowling alleys, hockey rinks, and a wide variety of restaurants and pubs.

There is much more to say about moving to and living in Burlington. However, it isn’t possible to mention every single service and aspect of Burlington in a single article. Why not visit Burlington and check it out for yourself? We are sure you’ll love this city and see it as one of the major destinations in southern Ontario.

The fact that Burlington is enviably located on in one of the more prosperous areas in the entire country (known as the Golden Horseshoe) means that it’s a prime location for many diverse businesses.




The Facts About Gold Standard

It no longer exists, the gold standard was the most popular monetary system history. It involved all the countries, which assured to set their currencies as per the rate of gold.

In 1790s, there was a shortage in the silver in the UK, which forced them to make use of gold coins in replacement. The gold standard started throughout this time when the Bank Charter Act was introduced in’44, where the use of gold coins became a legal standard. Bi- metallic requirements were embedded in America on the other hand, that included both silver and gold coins.

Going Forward: Gold Standard

However, in’73, the Fourth Coinage Act was passed, through which, the gold standard was embraced. Following these 2 significant countries, lots of other countries likewise embraced the gold standard such as Germany, France, and Italy. The duration of ’80 to ’14 is known in history as the timeless gold standard. At that time, the majority of the nations of the world had moved in the direction of the gold standard, and there was a lot of economic development throughout the world.

It’s quite an expansive topic

The gold standard was known as the classic standard in 1870 (Bordo, 1993), lots of countries deserted previously used requirements. The British were the very first to make use of the gold standard in 1717, which in turn affected many other countries to join. Portugal adapted the standard in 1854, which influenced numerous other countries to sign up with. The United States transitioned from a bi-metallic standard to the gold standard in 1873. Lots of other countries joined this trend in the 1870s following the influence of the British, American, and the Portuguese. Other countries followed this trend later in the century, however some the countries that signed up with later did not demonstrate the very same commitment to the gold standard (Officer, 2001.) Countries delighted in the gold standard due to the fact that currency was traded at a fixed rate, the very first World War caused the demise of the gold standard since the value of gold, which fell in turn affected the currency exchange rate. Efforts were made to bring back the gold standard; however, those efforts were met disappointment due to instability of the value of the medium.

Where Can We Go From Here?

Regardless of efforts to revive the gold standard have been not successful, there are many individuals advocating for its return. ‘The wonderful virtue of the gold standard was that it guaranteed lasting stability’ (Bordo, 1993.) Every nation is hungry for economic stability, and the ideology behind the gold standard was more appealing than requirements that were previously utilized. Some supporters say the return of the gold standard can minimize the rate of inflation. In the present fiat money system, the government can regulate the monetary supply. As even more money is printed, the rate of inflation is increased. ‘The excellence of the gold standard is to be seen in the truth that it renders the determination of the monetary unit’s purchasing power independent of the policies of governments and political parties.’ (Von Mises, 1953) The gold standard could as soon as again act as a uniformed medium that would be made use of for international trade.

The gold standard to expose the economy to a few of the shortcomings experienced prior to World War I. All financial results are based upon the current conditions of the marketplace and many are afraid that if the gold standard is re-introduced it would take one event to end the economy into an economic downturn. Think of if an occasion such as the ‘September 11th Tragedy’ happened under the gold standard, perhaps the result on the economy would have demolished the system once again. It is a proven fact the value of gold is highly unsteady and it is a danger that our economy need to not gamble on given that we have found out the history of this standard.

Usage of the gold standard would present lots of other concerns that would complicate our economy. The actual type of gold would provide problems; there would be widespread usage of gold coins. This would be problematic since there is an unbelievably high threat of counterfeiting. At the same time, substandard coins would be produced which might incorrectly represent their value. Some advocates suggest the gold standard does not have the capabilities that fiat currency has. Cash is paid out according to the demand in the economy, which is not done with the gold standard. The gold supply is not identified by the economy, and variation takes place depending upon current market conditions.

The gold standard was used to regulate the need and supply of the currency of a country in the long term. It assisted in keeping the cash supply stable. It was likewise used for identifying the exchange rate of currency between two countries.

All currencies moved together, and the gold standard resulted in a fixed currency exchange rate all over. All doubts in economy were eliminated, as well as inflation might be controlled considering that governments might not float currency in the market to build pressure.

The gold standard had its risks. The effect of the currency of one nation can be passed on to another, and disrupted the economy of the world. Cost levels, cash supply, and economy would always alter, and would be unsteady. On the other hand, in order to be in the monetary system of the gold standard, all taking part countries were bound to follow specific rules, which were hard to follow.

Apart from this, to be a part of the monetary system, all individuals were needed to abide by particular regulations, which were not hassled-free for all countries. They were expected to change currency exchange rate as per the fixed rate, and most of them did not follow this. The Even unemployment rate was at its peak, and all the countries, which produced gold, had huge demands on them.

The gold standard has no possibilities of coming back in the monetary system, but still lots of people believe it will benefit the economy. Although it managed to keep a fixed currency exchange rate, keep the rate levels steady and did not offer central banks the control of financial strategy, this system still had its disadvantages.

How To Be Environmentally Friendly


Regarding the issue of global warming, there are many ways for us to reduce our carbon footprint and become much more environmentally friendly.  Even with just those day to day tasks like driving to work or taking out the garbage, there are little changes we can make that would provide a huge positive difference on our environment.  Here are a couple of tips to help you help the environment.

Instead of driving to work, ask your colleagues to see if they’d like to start a car pool.  Find out who lives close to who, and who is able to drive together.  This is great because not only are you saving the environment, you’re also saving money.  The great company sure isn’t too shabby either!

In the home, you can help the environment by sorting your recyclables and properly disposing of your garbage and compost.  Sort your recyclables into glass, plastic, and cardboard.  Make sure not to put garbage in recycling and that you sort the compost from the garbage.  This really helps make a difference in garbage disposal.

Another thing you can do in your home is to make sure that you’re using environmentally friendly heaters and ACs.  Yes, these are both essentials in the home (to some people), however, there are definite ways to install a highly environmentally friendly furnace.  If you’re looking for information for buying a new furnace or want to install a environmentally friendly furnace, check out Hogg.

There are a few tricks and tips to reducing your carbon footprint and becoming more environmentally friendly.  These are just a few.  Look for more information online for ways you can help.  Invite your friends and colleagues to also look for ways they can help.  Spend more time walking and biking rather than driving.  You can even make new friends on the bus!  Again, if you’re looking for an environmentally friendly furnace, the Toronto HVAC company does a great job.

Global Warming Awareness

Global warming is an increasing concern to our society and most importantly, to our future.  Part of the reason not many people care to worry about global warming is that there is not enough awareness.  There’s not enough media or government attention on the future of the environment, which influences our society.  We’re more focused on political wars and entertainment than we are on the future of our society.


There are many things we can do to spread global warming awareness.  First, we must become educated.  Then, we must educate others.  Talk about the issues and concerns surrounding global warming.  Know the science behind it and prepare to back up your argument with data.  Many people might argue against global warming, but with the proper data and facts, you can show them the problems we will eventually run into.